About: Statement of Impartiality


The GIAC organization understands the importance of impartiality, managing conflict of interest and objectivity and GIACs top management is committed to these practices in all of our certification activities.

The GIAC organization provides information security professionals with the opportunity to certify that they have the skills needed to do the job. GIAC certified professionals are individuals who have the knowledge and hands-on skill that distinguishes them among their peer group. In order for GIAC to maintain its high-value credentials, we ensure that our certification program adheres to defined measurement and testing guidelines to safeguard integrity, impartiality, validity and fairness.

In our effort to maintain impartiality, GIAC regularly performs reviews to assess potential threats to impartiality and acts proactively to mitigate conflict of interest and impartiality threats both actual and perceived. We welcome any questions or comments about our certification program: info@giac.org.